If you are moving to a different state, charges will be based on the weight of your shipment and mileage, which is referenced as transportation charges. There are a variety of different moving charges that can potentially appear in your estimate, so be sure to ask your removal specialist to explain to you each charge. Some additional charges that may appear include packaging, valuation or coverage, charge for bulky items (for large items) and additional labor. Once again, make sure you fully understand these charges so that you can accurately compare the estimates you receive.

All loose items should be packed in boxes intended for packing and thus avoid loss or damage during movement. It is recommended that you pack all the items and leave the drawers empty.

Most moving companies will not take your plants. The stress and heat of being inside the moving trailer can generally seriously damage them. Many states do not allow the entry of plants while other states admit plants under certain conditions. There are some states that do not have regulations at all. Make sure you understand the regulations of your state before moving the plants in your own vehicle.

Items of extraordinary value, such as jewelry, money, antiques and stamp collections, can be included in your shipment, as long as you notify your removal representative of these items before the packing and moving day. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you carry irreplaceable and expensive items, or make alternative arrangements for transportation.

In the moving industry, items that are worth more than $ 100 per pound are considered “extraordinary value” items. To ensure that a claim related to these items is not limited to minimal liability, complete and sign the high-value inventory form with your moving company. Also, be sure to sign the “Declaration of the item of extraordinary value” box, if applicable, in your bill of lading.

Each moving company must follow a slightly different procedure in relation to high value items. Ask your removal specialist to provide an explanation of your company’s process. This is a confusing (but important) task, so make sure you clearly understand the rules before loading the day.

Appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators must be disconnected, and the washer must have a stabilizer installed. Once again, your estimator can help you understand how these items receive adequate service. All local moving companies have business relationships with local service providers that handle this type of service, however, full-service moving companies and domestic moving companies will also be able to provide all the moving services you need. Make sure you know who will use your moving company, since you will have to let these people enter your home to provide the service.

Your moving company may ask you to choose several consecutive days during which your goods can be loaded. The number of days in what is known as “load sharing” depends on the size of your shipment and the time of year when your shipment was loaded. Remember to try to stay flexible during the busy moving season, allowing three to five additional days in your load margin to have a better chance of securing a truck and a driver to load your shipment.

The customer service representative and / or the driver will contact you at least 24 hours before the day of loading to inform you of the arrival time. Be sure to inform them of any changes that have occurred that may affect the day of loading. A good example of the changes that may occur is that the street in front of your house is under construction, which prevents the large road truck from approaching your home. Or possibly, you have not completed the packaging due to an unanticipated event. Contact your moving company as soon as possible so they can send professional packers to complete the job for you.

Make sure your house is ready for the crew. Move anything from the porch and corridors that may obstruct the movement of your property outside the home. Remove the hinged doors if you know that certain items do not fit. Remove all small rugs from traffic areas that could cause the driver or crew to trip or slip.

Offering water, Gatorade or other refreshments to the hand of the driver and the crew, especially on a hot summer day, is an incredible gesture and, although our drivers come prepared, they will appreciate your consideration.

Our drivers will prepare the home with corridors, jamb protectors and guardrails, if applicable. This will help save on the small bumps that may occur during the loading process.

Los momentos de mayor actividad para las compañías de mudanzas son durante los meses de verano, aproximadamente entre el 15 de mayo y el 15 de septiembre. Cerca de los fines de estos meses, el volumen de envíos es extremadamente alto; este suele ser el caso de todas las empresas de reubicación profesional y mudanzas.

Es importante tener en cuenta todos los factores al momento de decidir cuál es el mejor momento para mudarse. Si tiene cierta flexibilidad en su horario, proporcionarle a la compañía de mudanzas una ventana de cinco días para cargar su envío puede ser muy beneficioso. Esto permitirá a las personas que programan sus conductores y al equipo de mudanzas una mayor flexibilidad al programar su mudanza. Si es posible, intente ser flexible con el marco de tiempo de su llegada, tenga en cuenta que lo más probable es que no sea el único envío que el camión está moviendo actualmente. Ofrecer un marco de tiempo flexible puede hacer una gran diferencia y hacer que todo su proceso de movimiento sea mucho más fácil.

Your first step is to determine if you need a full service moving company. It is a good idea to research local, national and long distance companies. Ask your neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members if they can make recommendations. Investigate each of the companies you find online. Good service is the best measure for a moving company!

Try to inform the moving companies as early as possible, especially if you move during a busy summer season, as indicated above. Six weeks from the actual moving date is a large time frame for the estimators to enter your home and complete a visual survey of your household item shipment. It is also a good idea to add even more time to make a decision, in the event that your employer requires you to submit estimates of removals for a corporate relocation. Try to decide which moving company will use at least four weeks from your actual load day. Also, call the moving company to confirm your reservation and schedule your packing, loading and delivery dates.

Yes, but this protection has a cost and coverage depending on the selected package. This may be one of the most confusing aspects of the move, but it is important that you understand what is being provided.

The valuation option you choose determines the basis on which any claim will be adjusted and the maximum liability of the carrier. The liability of a carrier for loss or damage is based on the carrier’s fees, as well as federal laws and regulations that have certain limitations and exclusions. Valuation is not insurance. This is important to understand. It is the responsibility of the moving company. Check with your homeowner’s insurance provider to find out if you are covered to move. Often you will find that you are.

Value released: this is the most economical since there is no additional cost. However, this option provides only minimal protection and is not sufficient coverage for most shipments. You will pay $ .60 per pound per item if it is lost or damaged while moving. That means that a piece of furniture that weighs 75 lbs. Will receive a payment of $ 45.00. You will be asked to initiate the bill of lading if you select this coverage. The only place where it applies is if your insurance policy covers your assets for their total value and this would be considered additional coverage for your move.

Full protection of maximum value: this is your most complete coverage. You may hear it referred to as “full replacement value” as well as “total value protection” for other van lines. If you choose to purchase full value protection, items that are lost, damaged or destroyed will be repaired or replaced by items, or a cash settlement will be made for the current market replacement value, regardless of the age of the item lost. or damaged. Depreciation of the lost or damaged item is not a factor in determining the replacement value when the shipment moves completely. value protection.

The cost of total value protection may be subject to several deductible levels of liability that can reduce your cost. Ask your operator for the details of your specific plan.

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